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In May of 2007, an SDSU student was found dead of a drug overdose in her bedroom. As a result, police and DEA officials began an undercover investigation known as “Operation Sudden Fall.” As the operation continued, DEA and SDSU … Continued


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Two burglars attempt to rob a wealthy house, but when a woman unexpectedly arrives home, she recognizes one of the criminals and now the two partners are pitted against each other. Oblivion was a project that seemingly came out of … Continued


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Alien creatures invade and wreak havoc on a quiet college campus. Invaders was shot over the course of a single weekend in January 2010 as my senior thesis project at Loyola Marymount. It was originally conceived as a small horror-creature … Continued

Under the Influence

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Four high school friends embark on a night of wild and hilarious misadventures. Full movie available on Netflix and Amazon. Under the Influence came from when both Mark Lyons (co-writer/producer) and I wanting to add to the “all in a … Continued

The Last of Them

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An Irish fishing crew must watch their family’s livelihood slip away to the global economy in this documentary short. I spent the fall of 2008 studying abroad in Dusseldorf, Germany. What drew me to the program was that the school … Continued


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Two gangs turn to vengeful murder following a contentious drug deal. Full movie available on Amazon. After spending four years of high school fighting with lightsabers and laser blasters, I knew I needed a big dramatic shift for the next … Continued